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About "Virtual Connectors"

What is "Virtual Connectors"?


Welcome to the very thing you’ve always felt was missing from your life.  

In addition to our thrilling adventures, irresistible games and activities, and boundless opportunities, there will be hysterical, wheeze-laughing fits that could even cause you to pee your pants.  You’ve been warned!

When you dare to cross through our virtual doors, you’ll find yourself in a vivacious community clubhouse filled with people just like you; those who’ve spent decades trying to understand why they are here and what life is really all about.  In our little corner of the internet, we use hardcore fun to find genuine purpose.  

We leverage each other’s experiences to expand our awareness and access tools that can change our lives.  We learn things school never taught us.  Above all, we keep it real.

In our little oasis, we only allow people who seek excitement, uncontrollable laughter, profound self-empowerment, and meaningful connections with their peers.  All we expect from you is to be yourself.  Authenticity is our vibe in this safe space.  Although negativity and toxic positivity are not welcome here, you are!

We’re just a gang of open-minded folks who know what it means to feel stuck in life uniting over a collective mission to get “unstuck” together.  We’ll shatter the limiting expectations society has placed upon us, and make life work for us instead of the other way around.  

Explore our mastermind courses, and you’ll be chuckling all the way to the bank when you learn how to actualize lifelong goals, like independence and financial freedom.

Get ready to fly your authentic flag, reclaim what’s yours, and discover what it means to live your best life!


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