Join us as we Make Meaningful Connections, REDISCOVER Joyfulness, Laughter, and the Fun in living!


Welcome to a Joyful Virtual Relationship-Building Community.

Virtual Connectors 

Bringing back pants peeing laughter to people who’ve forgotten how. 

I bet you remember what it looks, and feels like. Head back, eyes closed tight, mouth wide open, sometimes with a hand in front of it, to cover the wide opening, and the kind of laughter coming out that you just can't control. Your stomach feels tight and there may be tears in your eyes. It feels SO GOOD, Right! Then why don't we do it anymore?

The truth is, if we can’t laugh at ourselves, the struggles we have, the mistakes we make, the confusion we find. If we’re not able to laugh at life and enjoy the journey, we leave the opening for others to laugh at us. 

In today’s world, it seems that seeking fun and excitement – and especially enjoying them guiltlessly – has become an act of rebellion!  Do you know what kind of things make you laugh so hard you’d nearly wet your pants?  We need to bring our joyful laughter and excitement back.

What if we told you that some level of enlightenment is just a few laughing fits away?  Where most personal growth and development content tends to be more serious, Virtual Connectors sees light-hearted amusement as one of the most powerful methods for reconnecting with your true self, making quality, lifelong connections, and living your best life.

In our little corner of the internet, FUN is the only point!  Here, FUN stands for Free, Unlimited, and Now.   It’s about granting yourself the freedom to have unlimited amounts of fun while being and enjoying your whole self without inhibitions.  And the only way to make it happen is by committing to being completely present in the now.

Virtual Connectors is a place where people rediscover their childlike wonder and ability to make anything fun.  When was the last time you saw and felt the magic of the world?  For many of us, “adulting” responsibilities and life challenges have stolen this from us.  Instead of reserving fun for rare special occasions, we’re striving to inject everyday moments with more Silliness and LOL shenanigans!

Our lively platform unites like-minded peers and reconnects members with the purest parts of themselves through endorphin-releasing games, playful challenges, thrilling virtual adventures, and laughter-filled group activities.  And we’re taking this spirited, whimsical approach into the classroom, where you can learn about launching businesses, cleverly investing in real estate, winning at finances, emotional intelligence, mindsets, sharing ideas, plans, and creations, and getting feedback, and so much more.  

Every member also has an opportunity to become a community leader, a valued mastermind of sprightly ideas, tools, and resources that elevate our growth as a group and as individuals.

From endless giggles and happiness to genuine friendships, positive stimulation, peer mentorship, personal development, professional networking, and beyond, you have nothing to lose here and everything to gain.  Virtual Connector is a home for those who crave more from life, and load’s of Joy and Laughter, and we can’t wait to welcome you in!

“You’ve always had the power, my dear.  You just had to learn it for yourself!”

-- Glenda the Good Witch (Wizard of Oz)

Why You Should Join Us

Together we will challenge each other's minds, bodies, and souls as we find new ways to not only Laugh but to help each other achieve goals. and to break through the blocks that are stopping us from growth. We will continually produce virtual events that boost connection, happiness, and productivity, bringing your friends and family together in a memorable way, and let's just have fun.

AS a member you will receive the benefit of constantly making new positive, lifelong connections, learning things you've been dying to know, and having as many gut-busting laughs as you can stand. You will find out what's important to you, or necessary to help you heal grow and prosper, through lighthearted conversations, challenges, events, and plain old fashion FUN. We will enjoy...

  • A Safe Place To come and express yourself.
  • Guidance and Support from your peers in your quest for joyful experiences
  • Connections to Like-Minded People All Working Towards Similar Goals
  • Shared Experiences and Life Stories
  • Be a part of the groups and projects that interest you
  • Connections and Relationship building with other Professional 
  • Masterminds ~ Training ~ Courses ~ Classes
  • Virtual Tool Classes and Recommendations
  • Limited Storefronts Available To Proven Professional
  • RESULTS in Discovering Your Joy, Living your Passions, Increased Confidence, The Answers to achieving real Freedom.

There will be a transformation of note and a glorious return to your most authentic joyful and excited self.  After all, there is no place like home! And, your soul will know you've brought it home. You will no longer feel alienated from society. You will regain your confidence and control over your emotions.  You will feel alive and compelled to explore everything that lights you up from the inside. You will come to enjoy knowing that your happiness is Finally,  back in your hands.  

Remember, the saying from Oz,
"You've Always Had the Power, My Dear, You Just Had To Learn It For Yourself💖

So, what are you waiting for? Join us today and start living the life you dreamed of!


A Big Thanks

Thank you to everyone for sharing in your growth. We will all win each day, one day at a time, through shared experiences, support, and community.

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